Sunday, July 3, 2022

Nakuru family held hostage all night long by gang of six

A gang of six is in the run after taking hostage of a family of seven all night long in Nakuru’s Bahati area before making way with their valuables.

The Tuesday night incident is reported to have occurred at 9pm with the gang inflicting injuring on the man of the house, tied up the wife, children, grandchildren and the househelp.

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“Detectives based in Nakuru’s Bahati area, are hot in pursuit of a six-man gang that held a family hostage in a despicable night-long robbery, before escaping with valuables worth hundreds of thousands.

The machete-wielding gang which struck minutes before 9pm Tuesday night, stormed the house where a 7-member family was enjoying their favorite TV program on one of the four liquid-crystal display screens, mounted in various rooms in the house.

After inflicting life threatening injuries on the man of the house, the marauding gang then tied up the wife, daughter and three grandchildren aged between 10 and three, alongside their househelp.” Said DCI

Taking their time, the gang gathered the television sets, bicycle, clothes and other valuables at the house. They also transferred Ksh 80,000 from the daughter’s Mpesa account and another 61800 from her bank account.

To finish off their mission, they used the family’s vehicle to carry the goods before the family rescued themselves and reported the matter to Bahati Police station.

“The hoodlums who weren’t in a hurry brazenly ransacked the entire house for over 9 hours, packing the four TV sets, four mobile phones, three gas cylinders, a HP laptop, fridge, mortar, bicycle, assorted clothings among other valuables.

To further milk the helpless family to the bones, they then transferred Sh80,000 from the daughter’s Mpesa account, and another Sh61,800 from her bank account. Satisfied with their kill, they shamelessly loaded the items into the family’s Nissan NV200 van, which they used to stage their daring escape at around 5.45am!

When the family finally managed to free themselves, they booked the robbery report at Bahati Police Station, where detectives initiated a manhunt for the criminal gang immediately.

Hours of scrupulous pursuit of the perpetrators led detectives to Nakuru’s Tuinuane area, where the stolen Nissan NV200 Reg No. KCX 125Y was found abandoned by the roadside. As the injured man continues to recuperate at a local hospital, efforts are being made to recover the stolen valuables and effect the arrest of the suspects.” Said DCI

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