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Nakuru woman succumbs to burn wounds

Lucy Nyiri, a woman from Nakuru who was burned by husband has died on Friday.

25-year-old Lucy was burned with her husband of three years after she came home late.

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Speaking to media, the victim said that she had just come from Nairobi to buy some items for her business.

Her efforts to explain to her husband why she arrived late fell on deaf ears. She was slapped.

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The husband then poured petrol on her face, set her ablaze and locked her inside the house to die.

Neighbors who learned of the incident rushed to help Lucy Nyira before she was admitted to Nakuru Level Five Hospital to receive treatment.

Narrating the ordeal was the victim’s mother who said she could barely recognize her daughter following the burns.

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Doctors attending to Lucy confirmed she had 25% burns on her body which consisted of her face, arms and larger part of the upper body.

She had also lost a lot of water due to the extent of the burns.

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The husband has however been arrested waiting to be arraigned in court upon completion of the investigation.

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