Napoli players hire bodyguards in fear of attacks

Napoli players and stars the likes of striker Lorenzo Insigne are reported to be hiring security details following a fall out with the club’s president.

The process is to ensure that they are protected together with their fans just in case Napoli fans attack them for disobeying president Aurelio Laurentiis.

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Aurelio is reported to have organized a retreat for the players so as to regain their form following a poor run of results that have left them at position seven.

Defender Kalidou Koulibaly has already booked the services of security personnel to protect him and his family from the actions of the fans.

Insigne’s wife, on the other hand, has left Napoli for Naples in fear of being attacked or threatened.

The club is expected to take action on all players who failed to obey the request of the club’s president.

Already there are rumors that Aurelio Laurentiis will deduct 25% from their salaries as punishment for their collective action.

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Alex Kiprop
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