Monday, August 15, 2022

National Police break silence over Boniface Mwangi’s video

The National Police Service have issued a statement in response to a video from activist Boniface Mwangi.

According to the activist, the police assaulted him during a confrontation when they wanted to arrest the receptionist. He demanded the GSU officers to identify themselves but upon realizing they were being recorded they became agitated.

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They demanded to have Boniface Mwangi’s phone who fell as tried to escape them. Mwangi confirmed to have reported the incident with IPOA.

“I was at my barbershop when these young men walked in, with a GSU officer & arrested the receptionist. We asked them to identify themselves, they said they were from KRA but they didn’t have IDs. We asked them to call someone who had an ID.

So it later turns out the young men without IDs and the GSU officers are under the command of NMS Kenya employee. It’s Friday and they’re picking people from shops, beating them and taking them to a lorry for not having “branding licenses.”

Because l recorded them, the GSU officers wanted to take my phone, I refused and in my attempt to ran away, I fell. They caught up with me, and beat me up. Even after the beating l didn’t hand over my phone.

I reported my assault by armed General Service Unit officers at Central Police Station yesterday. I also reported the matter to Independent Policing Oversight Authority.” Said Boniface Mwangi.

Responding to the allegations, the National Police Service of Kenya claimed that the activist dropped himself on the floor to intimidate the police and aid the receptionist escape the scene.

National police confirmed that the police were definitely genuine as they were fully dressed and were conducting their operations in the open and during the day.

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