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National Police list VIPs entitled to special road clearance

National Police Service has on Thursday morning published the names of VIPs who shall be entitled to special clearance on roads and highways.

The directive which is to take effect immediately follows public outcry on inconveniences caused to motorists by VIPs and GK vehicles on the roads and highways.

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“Directive on road clearance to VIPs. Any Government vehicle found violating traffic regulations especially those overlapping, the driver shall be arrested and charged in accordance with the law. The directive takes place with immediate effect.”

Ambulances, fire brigades, and vehicles carrying the following VIP’s will be entitled to special clearances and they are;

H. E The President

The Deputy President

The First Lady

The Chief Justice

The Attorney General

Speaker of the National Assembly

Speaker of the Senate

The CSs for Defence, Interior, Finance and Foreign Affairs

The Service Commanders of the Defence Forces

Inspector General of National Police Service

Deputy Inspector General- Kenya Police Service and Administration Police Service

The National Assembly Majority Leader

The Senate Majority Leader

Retired Presidents

Retired Prime Minister

Vehicles not included in the above categories will require authorization by offices in charge of traffic in the respective region on special need basis.

All other Government registered vehicles (GK) are requested to follow the normal traffic flow.

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Any Government registered vehicles found violating traffic regulations especially overlapping, the drivers shall be charged in accordance with the law.

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