National police raise Ksh 202K for needy Machakos student

A team of officers from the National Police raised Ksh 202,000 to facilitate form one entry of a student at Machakos Boys High School.

The needy student had attained 403 marks in the 2021 examinations and reported with his grandfather without school fees and personal effects catching the attention of Machakos OCS.

“Simon Muthama Nzioki reported to his school of choice, Machakos Boys, on 4th May 2022 after posting 403 marks in the 2021 KCPE Examinations.

But unlike the rest of his colleagues, Simon reported at school for his admission without school fees and personal effects as indicated in his admission letter. And that is how he started off his secondary school life.

While standing pensively at the admission desk not knowing what to do, he caught the attention of the OCS Machakos who had gone to admit a form one student.

After a brief conversation, the OCS established that the boy had been accompanied by his aged Grandfather who wasn’t in a position to raise money for his school feels and other school requirements. His unemployed mother, a single parent, could not support him either.

The County Police Commander Machakos, Mr Issa Mohamud, OGW CP was touched by the plight of the boy when he was briefed by the OCS. He mobilized his NPS team and friends and they were able to raise Ksh 202,000 for his school fees.” National Police Service.

Simon and his grandfather were issued the amount through a check with the OCS promising more support as the student’s studies progress.

“Today, Simon Muthama Nzioki was able to smile again when the County Police Commander and his team handed over a bank slip of fees paid totalling to the amount contributed. While receiving the slip, the boy was in the company of his Grandfather and teachers.

With the County Police Commander and his NPS team promising more support as the student progresses in his studies, we at the NPS commend the Machakos team for this special gesture that inspires hope and strengthens our Police-Public relationship.” Said NPS

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