Saturday, September 21, 2019
A giant python has been rescued from huge crowd in Tanzania

Giant python rescued in Tanzania Kasala forest

A giant python snake has been rescued in Tanzania following his discovery inside Kasala forest. The 10 feet giant...
South Africa send special envoy to Nigeria to apologize

A special envoy from South Africa apologize to Nigeria

A special envoy from South Africa has sent their apologies to the government of Nigeria following the recent xenophobic attacks.
Saudi Arabia oil attacks to cause a possible US-Iran war

Saudi Arabia oil attacks: US point Iran as cause

US officials have pointed Iran as the alleged cause of bombing of the Saudi Arabia oil attacks on Saturday.
Mugabe's family agree on burial pace of the late president

Mugabe’s family announce his final resting place

Mugabe's family has announced his final resting place following previous disagreements with the government. Speaking to the media, the...
Protest in South Africa over an increase in gender-based violence

Gender-based violence in South Africa on the rise

Thousands of protesters in South Africa took to the streets of Johannesburg to demonstrate the increasing number of gender-based violence in women.

Flavored e-cigarettes to be banned in USA

USA President Donald Trump has announced plans to ban use of flavored e-cigarettes in the country. The ban by...
The family of the late Mugabe disagree with the Government burial plans

Family of Mugabe in dispute with government’s burial plans

The family of the former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe is said to be in disagreement with the government over his final resting...
Donald Trump fires his national security adviser John Bolton

John Bolton, national security advisor fired by Trump

President Donald Trump of US has fired National Security advisor John Bolton over disagreements. The two are said to...
Blue girl of Iran burns self to death following arrest

Blue girl: Iran female football fan sets self on fire

A Female Iran football fan famously known by the name Blue girl has died after setting herself on fire.
The body of the late Robert Mugabe has left Singapore for Zimbabwe

Mugabe’s body leaves Singapore for Harare

Mugabe’s body has just left Singapore where it will be flown to Zimbabwe ahead of his state funeral. The...