Sunday, November 17, 2019

Evo Morales: Bolivian president seeks asylum in Mexico

Troubled Bolivia President Evo Morales has boarded a plane to Mexico where he will be seeking asylum as the country is facing...

Abu al-Ata: Israel military kills palestine militant

Israel has killed a top Palestine Militant in Gaza by the name Abu al-Ata during an airstrike on his house.

Former President Jimmy Carter to undergo a brain procedure

Former US president Jimmy Carter has been admitted to the hospital to undergo a brain procedure following recent falls.

Uganda police accused of raiding an LGBT bar

Police in Uganda are reported to have arrested members of the LGBT community in the country on Sunday. Around...

Hong Kong police caught on camera shooting protester

Hong Kong police took a new path of handling protesters in the region as they fired live ammunition on Monday.

Zimbabwe set to sack 211 striking doctors

Zimbabwe is set for send packing about 211 doctors in the country who engaged in a national wide strike.

Woman allegedly raped by Trump sues him for defamation

A woman has come forward to sue the US president Donald Trump for raping her after he denied the allegations.

El Salvador expels Venezuela diplomats under Maduro

Diplomats from Venezuela have been ordered to leave El Salvador in the next 48 hours by president Nayib Bukele.

Refugees in South Africa dispersed by police

South Africa police have on Wednesday arrested about 100 refugees and asylum seekers camped outside United Nations offices in Cape Town.

Female police in Zimbabwe ordered not to wear miniskirts

Female police officers in Zimbabwe have been ordered not to wear miniskirts in order to maintain professionalism on duty.