Ngirici set to withdraw case challenging Governor Waiguru’s win

Former Kirinyaga gubernatorial candidate Purity Ngirici is set to withdraw a case she had filed challenging the election of Governor Ann Waiguru.

Through her legal team, Ngirici notified Judge Richard Mwongo of Kerugoya High Court of her intentions to withdraw the case which was approved pending further confirmation of the proceedings.

Lawyer Brian Khaemba confirmed that they will file an application before the court which will then be issued to the respondents before they meet on 24th October where the verdict will be made.

“Today we came to this court for pre-trials so that we can take directions but we have informed the court that we will be making an application to withdraw the petition in accordance with instructions given to us by our client, Purity Ngirici,”

“The court has given us time to file that application…7 days. We will file the application and serve it to the respondents, and then the respondents will respond to the application and we’ll come back on the 24th of this month. If the court allows that, then we will withdraw the petition, if it does not, we will proceed,” Said Khaemba

Speaking on the case, Ngirici noted how much pressure she has undergone on the matter that she has finally decided to let go for the sake of Kirinyaga people who need to enjoy uninterupted services.

“I wish to grant the Governor  the  full benefit, space, and enough legroom too, without any excuse nor interruptions, discharge her duties to our people as the county head and as the Chair of the Council of Governors.” Said Ngirici

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