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Nicolas Sarkozy: former president convicted of corruption

Former France President Nicolas Sarkozy has on Monday been found guilty of corruption after it was established that he bribed a Judge using his influence.

The former head of state is reported to have offered the judge a a high paying job so as to get access to charges of embezzling campaign finances. Sarkozy ruled France between the year 2007 and 2012.

Passing the judgment the court sentenced Sarkozy to three years in jail, a sentence that he is unlikely going to serve in prison but will instead be held at home under the watchful eye of an electronic gadget fitted on his body.

Also charged was Thierry Herzog a lawyer and judge Gilbert Azibert with both the former President and Thierry accused of attempting to bride the Judge in order to get information into illegal transactions by the former President.

Detectives handling the case are reported to have used wire tapes that confirmed that Judge Azibert released the corruption files about the former head of state to Lawyer Thierry Herzog.

Nicolas Sarkozy is reported to have received illegal payments from  L’Oréal heiress Liliane Bettencourt leading to his 2007 campaign.

Other charges pending in court about the former President include suspicious transfer of money from former Libya President Muammar Gaddafi meant to facilitate his campaign.

Jacques Chirac is the other high ranking official to be prosecuted over provision of ghost jobs when he was Mayor, charges that saw the courts slap him with a two-year jail sentence.


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