Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Njanuary is real as Kamene Goro dines at a kibanda

NRG radio presenter Kamenegoro is having a fall this January as she made a stop at a local kibanda.

Sitted next to fellow presenter Kibe, Kamenegoro is not shy to show her lunch as served from a local kibanda.

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Smiling and well dressed as usual, Kamene writes that “When all your sponyo can afford in this Njaaanuary is.”

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Fans reactions

1. “This food is always delicious”

2. “If kamene can eat in a kibanda,then it is true there’s life after death”

3. “From sarova white sand to kibanda”

4. “Hapa ni all resolutions met; saving, loosing weight,going to interesting places….na bado ni January”

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