NMG on the spot for allegedly failing to pay a former employee

Nation Media Group, NMG is on the spot for allegedly failing to pay a former business executive even after tendering her resignation and acknowledged to have been received.

In a series of alleged evidence shared by Sema Ukweli, Carolyne Njoki reports to have sent her resignation in March and was received on 20th April but up to date, she is yet to receive her salary.

“I worked for Nation Media Group since Feb 2018 as a Business Executive. I sent my resignation letter in March and it was approved by HR on 20th April. To date, my salary hasn’t been paid. My kids and I are really suffering, to a point that I could just end all our lives.-Carolyne” read the post.

In a separate series of messages, the former staff says that she is so stressed, she cannot afford legal service and that her house has been locked.

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She continues by saying that life has become unbearable and she contemplating to end her life and that of her kids.

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