No Supreme Court Judge has resigned, says Judiciary

The Judiciary has responded to allegations targeting the Supreme Court of Kenya following the Presidential verdict upholding the election of Hon. William Ruto.

Through a statement, the Judiciary called on patience among Kenyans as the Apex court prepares a full judgment providing clarity on the basis used to uphold the August 9th elections.

“Kenyans are therefore requested to exercise patience as they await the full judgment will shed light and provide clarity on the grounds and rationale of the court.

Meanwhile, no Judge of the Supreme Court has written a resignation letter, as claimed by a section of media, because there is no need to do so. The Court is working in harmony as a cohesive unit,” Read the statement.

The Judiciary continues by taking note of the unfortunate trend of isolating the Judges in relation to the judgment rendered.

It is due to the above that those sponsoring the allegations have been advised against keeping up with the attacks.

“Further, there has been an unfortunate trend of isolating individual judges and attributing the judgment to them.

The persons sponsoring and executing the attacks on social media to disparage the Court are advised to desist forthwith.” Read the statement.

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