Noti Flow opens up about her skin problem

Kenyan female Noti Flow has on Monday opened up about her skin problem as she inspires many women out there.

Taking on social media, Noti Flow first confesses about how much confidence she had to put up so as to make the video.

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Noti Flow explains her struggle with acne since her adolescent days even though her mother gave her hope that they would clear when she grows up.

“Av been struggling with acne since my adolescence days, & my mom said it’s only gonna last a few years then my skin would clear when I grow up but that didn’t just happen.” Said Noti Flow.

For the longest time the rapper did not like her face because of the spots even though her family and friends told her that she was beautiful.

She continues by saying that sometimes her skin is clear like a baby but most of the times it is bad.

She admits that it’s something she had to get a way to live with as she sorts for the best medication to clear them for good.

It’s at this point that Noti Flow speaks of her love for makeup and how it makes her feel confident.

Love for makeup

She then advises ladies out there not to let any man dictate or question them why are wearing makeup as it make them look beautiful.

The short video shared by the rapper herself is dedicated to all women living with eczema, acne, stretch marks, discoloration, scars or any other beauty.

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Noti Flow final advice to all women with such issues is that they are going to be better it and that they should be confident under their own skin.

“Regardless of what you may be dealing with it’s going to be okay and you are going to be better for it

I will repeat beauty is not makeup. Be confident in your own Skin. Let whoever loves you love you for who you are” Said Noti Flow
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