Nyong’o orders burials within 48 hours due to coronavirus

Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o has on Wednesday announced several measures to contain the coronavirus in the county.

Speaking from City Hall in Kisumu, Governor Nyong’o said he was implementing a directive made by President Uhuru following the coronavirus outbreak.

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Some of the measures he has implemented to be enforced include the immediate closure of al open air markets, immediate suspension of social gatherings including night clubs and wedding.

“2. All dead persons must be buried within 48 hours of death and attendance limited to close family members only.
3.All market days are hereby stopped immediately.
4. All open air markets in Kisumu County are hereby closed with immediate effect. The situation will be reviewed in three weeks and an appropriate announcement made.
5. Immediate suspension of all social gatherings, including and not limited
to sporting, leisure, weddings, night clubs, bars, workshops and seminars and places of worship.
6.All proprietors of public places MUST provide hand washing facilities (Running water and soap)
7. All service providers shall ensure adequate reticulation of portable water to all public places within Kisumu (Supermarkets, market centers,bus parks, social public parks etc.)
8. Every public service vehicle will introduce passenger manifest (point of boarding and destination) to help with contact tracing.
9. Every PSV vehicle and Boda Boda operators must have hand washing facility (hand sanitizer). Boda Bodas MUST carry only one passanger at a time.
10.The public is advised to wash hands with running water and soap as regularly as possible.
11. All hospital visitations shall be limited to only two visitors per patient.”

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