Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Omosh of Tahidi High responds to critics after his appeal

Former Tahidi High actor Omosh has come out to address critics after he pleaded for help once again during a TV interview with TV47 on Friday.

In the video, the actor confirms that he is indeed trending in Kenya and that he is thankful to everyone who came to his aid for the first time he made headlines in the country.

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He then continues to admit that he still has alot of debts to clear terming it as a normal thing in life. He called on bloggers to focus on other things like his upcoming house warming party coming soon.

On Friday, Omosh admitted that he was back to bankruptcy after paying off those he owed. He however called on those who failed to keep their promises to channel their contributions.

Comedian and MC Jalang’o was among those who came out to blast the former Tahidi High actor that he received over Ksh 1 million contrary to what he said during the interview.

“Some people never learn! I can easily assure you that omosh got more than 1m from my show…personally in cash, he got more than 700k then the people who sent money directly to him! I hosted him 2 weeks after he came out …people had already started sending him money! zeroheropropertiesltd got him land and sungtimber1 built him a house! honalinur gave him food worth 60k and another 100k in cash !! Hii ni ujinga tu!” Said Jalang’o.

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