Otile Brown explains why Japo Kidogo was deleted from YouTube

A few hours after Otile Brown and Khalighraph Jones new hit Japo Kidogo was mysteriously deleted from You Tube, Otile explains what led to the decision.

In an apologetic note to his fans, Otile Brown first admits that there are rumors going round as to why the song was brought down.

“To my loyal fans who have always supported me, I know there’s a lot of speculation going on as to why my newly released project titled “Japo Kidogo” featuring Khaligraph Jones was pulled down from You Tube.” Said Otile Brown.

The Kenyan singer then continues by explaining that the song was actually brought down due to management issues that he cannot explain and its not that easy to take such kind of action after investing so much in the music.

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“The video was pulled down from YouTube just 2 days after it’s release due to management issues that am not in Liberty to discuss unfortunately, even if I wanted to. This is what I would like to say though, there’s a lot of hard work, a lot of resources/money and a lot of time that goes into such a project thus my management and I would not just pull down a video just like that.” Said Otile Brown.

Wrapping things up the singer promised his fans of more good music.

“We respect artistry and the craft but at the end of the day it’s still business and we have to respect that. All I promise is we are still going to give you our fans what you deserve which is good music.” Said Otile.

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