Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Palestinian suspect in Tel Aviv shooting incident killed

After several hours of manhunt, Israel police forces have on Friday killed a Palestinian man suspected of opening fire and shooting dead two people and seriously injuring several others at a bar in Tel Aviv.

Reports from the police confirmed that the suspect was found around the neighborhood and near a Mosque where he had taken cover.

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Footage from the scene first revealed a team of Israel police force pointing their guns at a building above the scene before an explosion went off.

A multi-agency team comprising of sniffer dogs joined in the search as they patrolled the neighborhood to assess the situation. At the time, revelers at the club had taken cover in fear of their lives.

The motive of the attack remains unknown rising fear among city dwellers who are still coming to terms with similar attacks by Palestine claiming eleven lives.

A different security footage has also revealed the shooter passing by the bar as people enjoyed good company and drinks. He had his hands in his pockets with a black jacket on.

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