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Passaris and King Kaka involved in a heated exchange

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Wajinga Nyinyi hit-maker Paul Ombima alias King Kaka has been involved in a heated exchange with Women Rep. Esther Passaris over Ksh 50 million investment.

Esther Passaris who underwent spinal surgery in India received a backlash from Kenyans over her abroad treatment.

One George Gathecha asked her how she expects people from slums will feel when they can barely afford treatment at KNH?

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In response, she asked what he is doing about it before revealing how she invested Ksh 50 million to get re-elected in addition to being part of the health committee shaping the country.

“What are you doing about it? #ManUp I invested 50 million to be elected a leader. I served way before being elected. At 55 #OfficiallyMadeOfTitenium because of the sacrifices I made. As a member of the Health Committee, we shaping the Presidents”

The comments did not go well with King Kaka who shamed her as he accused her of being selfish.

“The talk should be on how we have made our health reliable to the point you are getting your surgery at KNH.

Wewe Uko Hapo unatuambia juu ya 50million. Stop being selfish for once, just for once and serve the people who put you there. Shame”

Passaris responded to the rapper alleging that he is ‘full and fooled’ by himself.

She continued by saying that word can instruct but they can never do the work or lead.

“You are so ‘full and fooled’ by yourself. ‘Words’ can instruct but they don’t do the work or lead.

Let me spell it as it is. Get off your high horse & stop being who you truly are #WajingaNyinyi who thinks through hate you can drive or derive change. I have worked & served. You?”

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