Passaris reports conmen using her name to DCI

Nairobi Women Rep. Esther Passaris has reported conmen to the DCI.

Speaking to, Esther Passaris through her PA confirmed to have informed the DCI of the same.

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He continues by saying that the conmen have been using her name to target innocent Kenyans with false promises.

The promises include the provision of grants and bursaries if they send a facilitation fee.

In a social media notice, the Women Rep. warned people against these people saying that all her handles have been verified.

She continues by saying her office does not in any way need a facilitation fee to process services.

“Beware of these and other fake accounts purporting to be me. I’m working with the DCI to apprehend the con-men and women behind them.

All my social media pages are verified and my Office does not need a ‘facilitation fee’ in order to serve you; our grants and bursaries are issued at ZERO cost.”

Passaris remarks on coronavirus

Speaking during a meeting on March 6th, Esther Passaris called on Kenyans to exercise hygiene during this period.

Demonstrating some of the forms of greeting each other, the Women Rep. called on people to refrain from shaking hands.

“Exercise all hygiene-related drills at all times: don’t shake hands, don’t touch your face, avoid hugs or kisses and most importantly, do not cough without your elbow near your mouth. “

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