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People flee London ahead of tier 4 COVID-19 restrictions

Thousands of people have flown out of London following the announcement of tougher COVID-19 restrictions set to come into effect soon.

Large crowds could be seen at various train stations immediately the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed tougher tier 4 restrictions in the capital.

Train stations were crowded as trains were unavailable immediately the Prime Minister made the announcement on Saturday at 4 pm. Social distance was ignored to accommodate everyone present.

Some of those uncomfortable with the decisions were told to disembark from the trains and look for alternative means of transport.

A family that spoke after the news revealed how they made a last-minute decision to move in with their parents who live away from the city.

The news follows a surge in COVID-19 cases in the city that demand immediate action to prevent further spread and cause uncontrollable reputation if unattended.

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