Pharrell Williams threatens legal action against President Trump

American singer Pharrell Williams is not a “happy” man following the use of his song by President Donald Trump.

Through his lawyer, the singer sent the president a cease and desist letter objecting the use of the song “happy” in the recent rally held by President Trump.

On Saturday President Trump was holding a rally in Indiana hours after a gunman opened fire at Pittsburgh Synagogue killing 11 people.

During the rally Trump played the song happy before flying to a campaign style rally in Illinois the same night.

In what was a twist of events, Trump had initially canceled his Illinois trip following the mass death but eventually went.

Howard King, Pharrell Williams lawyer quoted President Trump in the letter as using the song in the rally after 11 people were killed and he wondered what was so happy when the country was mourning.

He went ahead to say that he had no right to use the song and that it was a copyright and trademark infringement.

Pharrell Williams has however not spoken about the cease and desist letter sent by his lawyer but Pharrell is well known as a supporter of the Democratic candidates.

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