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Police intercept Probox enroute to Moyale, recover an AK 47

Police has on Thursday intercepted a Probox enroute to Moyale from Marsabit before recovering an AK 47 riffle loaded with 26 rounds of ammunition.

“An AK 47 rifle loaded with 26 rounds of ammunition was today recovered after a Toyota Probox enroute to Moyale from Marsabit was intercepted by officers.” Said DCI

24-year-old lone driver and suspect by the name of Rob Diba Dabasa was arrested by the police with a chambered bullet ready to engage the police.

He is currently in custody with the vehicle of registration number KCY 331V being held as exhibit to be used against the suspect.

“24-year-old Rob Diba Dabasa (the lone driver) was also arrested, having chambered one of the rounds in readiness to fire.

Suspect placed in custody pending arraignment, with the recoveries including the motor vehicle Reg. No. KCY 331V being secured as exhibit.” Said DCI

The news comes barely days after an Isiolo county government vehicle was impounded ferrying guns and ammunitions by the police.

Investigation further revealed that the vehicle was under the instructions of Sololo MCA Halkano Konsa who went missing after the incident happened.

“Four suspects are in custody following their arrest yesterday by our counterparts from the Border Patrol Unit, for supplying arms, ammunition and ration to warring factions in the strife-torn Turbi – Sololo border.

Detectives established that the county government vehicle was under the control of Sololo MCA Halkano Konsa, who immediately went into hiding but officers are hot on his trail.

Meanwhile, the suspects will be presented before court on Monday February 8th, while the riffle will be subjected to ballistic examination by our ballistic experts and adduced as an exhibit in court during trial.” Said DCI

The MCA was later on arrested and he will be presented in court to answer to charges along the four others.


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