Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Police shoots dead two night robbers in Likoni, Mombasa

Two thugs were on Friday night shot dead by a police officer in Likoni area of Mombasa County.

The two were part of three member criminal gang who raided a shop 2 am on Friday, a shop that is owned by a police officer.

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The officer who is reported to be a DCI officer, heard the commotion as they moved things outside his shop from his house adjacent to the business. He acted swiftly by withdrawing his gun as shooting dead two of the three thieves.

One of the thieves is reported to have fled the scene with serious gun shot wounds as police launch a man hunt to have him arrested.

Cases of insecurity in the coast region is now something new as various gangs terrorize residents of Likoni and Bamburi area mostly as early as 7 pm. They are usually armed with crude weapons.

Police officers admit their presence as they intensify operations to have them arrested and eventually restore security in the region.

Boda Boda operators are the most affected lot with most of them sustaining serious knife wounds from people who they perceive customers in the first place. Business people count losses now and then when they steal some of their goods.

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