Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Pope Francis apologizes for slapping a woman’s hand

Pope Francis,83 has on Wednesday apologized for slapping of the hands of a woman so as to free himself.

Speaking at a mass at St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis admitted to have lost his patience and that his actions were a bad example.

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He was speaking as he preached against violence on women which he compared it to going against God.

“In the womb of a woman, God and mankind are united, never to be separated again. In God, there will forever be our humanity and Mary will forever be the Mother of God. ” Said the Pope.

The incident happened when the Pope was greeting pilgrims as he arrived at St. Peter;s Square for the services.

He gave out his hand as he greeted the young and the old but it was until the unidentified woman grabbed his arm and pulled him towards her.

Angered by the action, he slapped the woman’s hand so as to free himself from her before he moved on.

Speaking on Wednesday, the Pope emphasized on the need to respect women and their bodies as he gave examples of how they are beaten or signed into prostitution.

He continued by calling upon support on women who migrate into foreign countries in the hope of providing for their families.

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