Thursday, October 6, 2022

President-elect William Ruto receives 10 independent MPs to Kenya Kwanza

President-elect William Ruto on Wednesday received 10 independent Member of Parliaments (MPs) to Kenya Kwanza in an event held at his Karen residence.

The ten will now see the Deputy president take control of the National Assembly, a plus for him as he gears closer to being sworn in as the new Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

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Before the move, Azimio la Umoja had a commanding lead in parliament standing as 162 against Ruto’s 159 with a total of 12 independent candidates occupying the remaining slots.

Kenya Kwanza which has already taken a commanding lead in the Senate will now have an easier time when passing motions in the National Assembly given the numbers.

It was the first meeting held by the Deputy President who addressed his members especially those elected in various positions as he plans ahead to form a new government once sworn in office.

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