Wednesday, June 23, 2021

President Joe Biden lifts ban against Tik Tok and We Chat

President Joe Biden has lifted the ban against Tik Tok and We Chat revoking an executive order issued by former President Donald Trump.

Instead. President Joe Biden issued new executives orders that will review foreign companies conducting business in the United States of America.

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Among the new measures will be for the Commerce Department to check the establishment of the companies, any possible risks involved and measures taken by the companies before information or data is collected.

The Department of Commerce has now been tasked with coming up with a report on the measures undertaken to protect data from American and any additional policies to be implemented.

Under President Donald Trump, Tik Tok which is under Bytedance was issued an ultimatum to sell part of its shares to a US investor or face the ban. They failed to adhere and was banned.

A number of other bans were implemented by Trump including the sale of Huawei with Trump accusing the Chinese-based company of promoting terrorism through alleged sell of important user data.

The measures caused a rift between China and the US that escalated to introduction of trade barriers.

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