Wednesday, June 29, 2022

President Macron appoints Elisabeth Borne as Prime Minister

French President Emmanuel Macron has appointed former Labor Minister Elisabeth Borne as the new Prime Minister.

Borne will become the second woman in the history of France to hold such a position after Edith Cresson who held the position between the year 1991 and 1992 under the Presidency of Francois Mitterrand.

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The former Labor Minister has also served as Transport Minister and Minister of Ecological Transition under the leadership of President Emmanuel Macron.

Elisabeth Borne will now replace Castex who is reported to have tendered his resignation pending official communication. Both Macron and Borne are expected to form the next government in the coming days or weeks.

The new Prime Minister will also be tasked with ensuring that Macron’s centrist party emerges victorious in the coming June Parliamentary elections.

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