Saturday, September 18, 2021

President Trump steps out in a mask for the first time


President Donald Trump who has been avoiding wearing of mask was on Saturday with one as he visited a military facility located in the outcasts of Washington.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic sweeping away thousands of Americans, it was the first time that the President wore a mask as he visited wounded soldiers at the medical facility.

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He has previously been caught on camera advising Americans that it was a personal decision to wear one same for him unless when interacting with a crowd not observing social distance.

Speaking before the visit, he noted how important to wear a mask in a facility that has people coming from operation tables

Heath officials have criticized the U.S president for going against the laid guidelines citing lack of leadership.

His administration have not only once been heard urging people to wear them but it has turned out to be effective to contain the virus that has killed 134,000 Americans as at Friday.

Its the third straight third day that the country has recording high number of new infection after Trump ordered re-opening of economy.

Joe Biden the Democratic Presidential candidate has not once criticized the response of the President saying has spent about four months misleading citizens causing more damage.

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