President Uhuru confirms 14 people feared dead

President Uhuru Kenyatta has on Wednesday confirmed the number of people who died at the DustiD2 attack as 14.

Speaking from State House, the President said that the country was yesterday attacked by a gang of criminals who committed murder and mayhem.

He continues by saying that in the last one hour he can confirm that the number of people who died as 14 with others injured.

President Uhuru mourned with the affected families as he recognized the whole country to be grieving due the senseless violence. He wished the injured a quick recovery.

As the commander of chief, he praised the intelligence for their immediate response without forgetting civilians who stood with the country during this trying moment.

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He continues by confirming over 700 people evacuated from the site taking note of every Kenyan who took to social media to give hope to the affected as they stopped those giving false information.

As a country he said we have learnt not to take anything for granted as he thanked international partners for showing solidarity at this moment as they always have.

President Uhuru confirmed chairing an intelligence council that will seek to flash out all people involved in the organizing of the attack.

He continues by assuring foreigners that they are safe as he called for every Kenyan to report any suspicious people as they do not any shelter in the country.

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