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Prezzo upgrading Kibera houses from mud to concrete


Kenyan rapper Prezzo has embarked on a project to upgrade Kibera houses.

The rapper took to social media to say how he is planning to upgrade mud houses in Kibera to concrete one.

While taking a tour in the highly densed constituency, Prezzo can be seen taking measurements and describing how he plans to make things done.

Prezzo is definitely giving back what he has been blessed with as he said” Change starts with us, Iam happy with the progression of the houses we are upgrading from mud to concrete in kibera. Asante Baba kwa kuniwezesha na kunipa nguvu. “

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People reactions

“May God bring more Blessings your way. I can imagine what this means to those people living there.”

“You’ve really inspired me from the word go bro you are a living legend GOD BLESS YOU.”

“God atakurudishia x10.keep it going.”



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