Prime Minister role as proposed in the BBI report

The Building Bridges Initiative report handed to the President on Tuesday has suggested a new structure of the government.

In the new structure, the President will still be the Commander in Chief of the armed forces followed by the Deputy President who is his running mate during the general elections.

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A Prime Minister position has bee brought in and will be an elected Member of Parliament from the party that holds a majority of seats in the National Assembly.

His name will be forwarded to the President who will then make the final appointment.

If neither parties have a majority of members in parliament, the Prime Minister shall be appointed based on the backing he has from the MPs.

His functions will be to run the day to day activities of the government and chair committee sitting of the National Assembly.

The power to fire the PM is vested in the MP who can pass a vote of no confidence or through he/she can be sacked by the President directly.

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