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Prince Philip moved to another hospital for heart tests

Buckingham Palace has on Monday confirmed that Queen Elizabeth’s husband Prince Philip has been transferred from a private hospital to another hospital.

99-year-old Prince Philip had spent two weeks at King Edward VII and will now continue his treatment at St. Bartholomew’s hospital as revealed by AFP.

Doctors at the hospitals revealed that he will receive treatment for an infection as well as care for his existing heart condition. They continued by confirming that he is in a stable condition and that he will be there for a week.

According to AFP, The Duke was initially admitted to King Edward VII upon the doctors advise as the Palace ruled out any possible COVID-19 infection.

Philip and the Queen have already received the COVID-19 vaccine as they belong to the most vulnerable group in the society.

On Monday, an ambulance was seen dashing from King Edward VII hospital as reporters tried to get a picture of who could be inside but were blocked even at the second hospital by umbrella’s placed at the entrance.

Last week, Prince Edward the youngest son of Prince Philip confirmed that his father was feeling better and that they were looking forward to his return.


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