Proposed Bill to change election date flops

A proposed Bill to change the election date has on Wednesday flopped due to insufficient numbers from the Members of Parliament.

The Bill proposed the change of the election date from August to the third Monday of December. For the bill to go to pass through Parliament it requires a total of 233 MP’s where’s in today’s Bill only 187 MP’s turned up.

The Bill was brought to Parliament by Chris Wamalwa siting that the current election date goes hand in hand with the school calendar thus affecting school programs.

In addition to that he said that if a run-off is to take place, then examinations will also be affected.

If by any chance the Bill could go through on Wednesday, Members of Parliament wil l serve their offices for 4.5 years from the now 4 year’s term.

Common Mwananchi will then pay then have to pay more taxes to pay for the additional period brought by the Bill.

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