Thursday, April 2, 2020
Home World News Protest in Tehran as Iran admit shooting the Ukraine airliner

Protest in Tehran as Iran admit shooting the Ukraine airliner

It was business unusual in Tehran when the Iran government admitted to shooting down the Ukraine airliner by mistake.

Police were forced to intervene on Saturday as protesters took to the streets of the capital calling for the immediate resignation of Ali Khamenei, the country supreme leader,

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Heavy police presence was still visible on Sunday as people branded the leader a ‘dictator’ as they called for his death too.

Local media stations were quoted calling for an apology and resignation of those responsible for the attack.

The Ukraine airliner killed all 176 passengers on board with Iran having the most number of people on board even though some had dual citizenship.

Initial reports by the U.S and Canada pointed to Iran as the cause of the attack that caused the accident.

The attack by Iran happened a few minutes after the plane took off even though they said it was an error.

President Donald Trump reacted to the news saying that the world was watching and that he is moved by the protester’s courage.

Britain through their foreign secretary Dominic Raab expressed their disappointment and violation of the international law.

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