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PS Macharia Kamau reveals battle with COVID-19

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PS Macharia Kamau has on Friday revealed his battle with COVID-19 a day after it was revealed that the he had tested positive.

In a question and answer question on social media, the Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary revealed that it feels like a malaria or flu.He was answering to one Danson Maina who begged to know how the virus is treating him.

Macharia continued by urging preventive measures including consumption of a lot of drinks and fluids in addition to getting enough rest.

“Feels like malaria or flu. Coronavirus requires the standard treatment of a bad flu. Prevention key to minimize the viral load in your system. Eat well, drink lots of fluids, get plenty of rest, take your supplements, lemon garlic ginger, Stay warm and positive, light exercise.” Said PS Macharia Kamau

A second person mentioned how lucky he was to receive medical checkup due to his status something that he denied saying he has been treating himself at home.

“Actually visited no doctor or hospital. Less than 10% of people require hospitalization of any kind. The condition is best managed at home with the rest, good food, and lots of fluids. It is the character of a severe flu. 90% of people recover and move on as in any flu season.” Said the PS

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