Pursuit of a “suspicious matatu” leaves one dead

In Kajiado county a matatu of Rongao Sacco was pursued by police after it ignored a roadblock.

Speaking to the Star  Isinya OCPD Henry Ibutu said that the driver was “driving suspiciously”

 “All this happened at around 1 am. My officers followed immediately in a patrol car but a few kilometers before approaching Umma University Campus, the driver made a u-turn and drove back to Isinya,” Ibutu said.

 “The driver failed to stop so my officers kept chasing the matatu that had flat tyres. When it approached the town, the driver and three other people escaped, leaving 11 passengers inside”.

Police then opened fire to the “suspicious people” forcing them to run away and in the process one man was shot dead.

Three knives, a home-made gun, five bottles of Brandy, 46 rolls of bhang and five grams of raw marijuana were recovered from the vehicle and the 11 suspects taken to Isinya police station.

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