Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Questions that fans want Jalango to ask Betty Kyallo on Friday

This Friday Betty Kyallo will not be hosting celebrities but rather she will be the one being interviewed in her own show up close with Betty by none other than Jalang’o.

“The plot thickens! The interviewer gets interviewed! Friday not be the same! She has interviewed everyone but this time we get to know Betty Mutei Kyallo Weekend with Betty! Hosted by Jalas!
I need your help…what do I ask her? What do u want to know?” Said Jalang’o

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Jalango’o wants to make things spicy enough during the show and requested people to send questions that they would like Betty Kyallo to answer.

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Some of the responses have been about her career while some are about her life behind the cameras that everyone is yearning to know.

Some of the questions include;

1.Was there a time she messed up and felt like she has failed? And how did she bounced back? 2. What she wish to have known before taking her role as a news anchor and businesswoman? 3. Thinking back five years ago. Did she envision her career as it is today?

Ask her when will she leave 30 because she has celebrated her 30th birthday for far too long

Who’s the mysterious man she keeps posting half half?

How does she multi task being a ceo, mum and a news anchor at the same time

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