Raila opposes planned importation of GMO maize

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has opposed plans by President Ruto’s administration to import Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) maize into the country.

The ODM party leader noted that GMO’s are dangerous to both humans and animals and have been banned in several European countries.

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“PL Raila Odinga opposes the planned importation of GMO maize by the Ruto administration. He says, GMO’s are dangerous to both human and animals lives and that they have been banned in major European countries and Americas. Parliament should take the lead on this matter, he says.” Said ODM

ODM was speaking in regard to a statement by Trade CS Moses Kuria where he said Kenyans will die anyway as he called on the CS to apologize to the people.

“CS Hon Moses Kuria’s remarks on this matter are regrettable. To say that even without GMOs, Kenyans will die anyway is a mockery to the people of Kenya. Raila Odinga therefore says Kuria should apologize to the people of Kenya.” Said ODM

The statement follows ongoing discussions within the country over the safety of the maize as the country plans to increase food production.

CS Moses Kuria already paved way for duty free importation of both GMO and non GMO maize in the country for the next six months.

“In view of the food situation in the country, I shall be signing instruments to allow duty-free imports of GMO and non-GMO Maize for the next 6 months.” Said CS Kuria

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