Raila promises massive pushback over the four IEBC commissioners

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has promised a massive pushback against President Ruto over the alleged injustice inflicted against the four IEBC commissioners.

Taking on social media, the ODM party leader promised to lead the pushback that will also affect those thinking like him.

“The injustice being inflicted on the 4 IEBC commissioners, if it proceeds as currently conceived, will mark the beginning of a massive pushback against Ruto and those who think like him, by the people of Kenya. We will openly and robustly lead that pushback.” Said Raila.

The former PM was speaking as he noted the ongoing problems Kenyans are currently facing but instead the government was putting much focus on punishing the four commissioners, a move that he said will not end well.

“With all the problems Kenyans are going through, a focus on punishing four commissioners who did not agree with their chairman is trivial, vindictive and vile. It must stop. It will NOT end well.” Said the former PM

He was speaking as he objected to a move by parliament to summon the commissioners saying that the duty of parliament was to form a tribunal that will hear from the petitioners on the matter raised.

“By summoning these commissioners, Parliament is usurping the role of a tribunal. They’re trying to prejudice whatever tribunal could be formed. Parliament’s role must be limited to summoning the petitioners and deciding whether issues raised warrant the setting up of a tribunal.” Said Hon. Raila

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