Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Randy Mugo, Kenyan in the UK stabbed to death

A27-year old boy from Kenya living in London, U.K, Randy Mugo was on Saturday stabbed to death during a house party.

Randy was attending a birthday party of a 25-year girl sustained serious knife wounds as quarrel spilled over a spilled drink.

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Three others were treated when an emergency response team was called in at about 9 am in the morning.

Efforts to save the Kenyan boy’s life failed as he was pronounced dead 40 minutes later. He had sustained a serious heart wound.

How the fight began

Attendants at the party which began at 2 am say it was peaceful until when two groups began to fight over a spilled drink.

The birthday girl tried to intervene but it continued as one was seen grabbing a kitchen knife.

Randy stepped in as an innocent peacemaker but he was stabbed in the process.

Seven suspects have already been arrested with one being one of the injured during the morning incident.

Four others were arrested following intelligence information as one was arrested shortly after the incident.

Berryl Achieng
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