Sunday, October 24, 2021

Red list: Kenya struck off UK list of banned countries


The UK has struck off Kenya from the list of countries placed on the red list due to the COVID-19 pandemic that rocked the whole world.

Kenya now joins Pakistan, Turkey, Maldives, Egypt, Oman, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh whose citizens are allowed to enter UK.

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Travelers from Kenya will have to wait to September 22nd before the restrictions are officially lifted. Those planning to enter Britain before the date will be required to follow the red list.

Welcoming the news was Tourism CS Najib Balala who called on people to support the country by traveling.

“Great news! Kenya is out of the red list – UKTravel is back! This is good for travel between the UK and Kenya without tough restrictions. Let’s support our economy by travelling. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Vaccinated!” Said Balala.

“Kenya is off the UK travel Red List. Good news for business, tourism, students and their parents.” Said Kenya ambassador to the UK Manoah Esipisu.

Before the news, Kenya planning t enter the UK were denied entry while Britons returning home were allowed into the country after undergoing a mandatory 10 day isolation period.

Kenya’s relationship with the UK was once tested when Kenya was placed on the list over increased number of COVID-19. The government responded by questioning the source of then the new strain of the virus spreading quickly within the country.

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