Saturday, January 25, 2020
Home World News Refugees in South Africa dispersed by police

Refugees in South Africa dispersed by police

South Africa police have on Wednesday arrested about 100 refugees and asylum seekers camped outside United Nations offices in Cape Town.

In a video making rounds on social media, the refugees were dispersed by water cannons as others had babies at their backs.

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The refugees were holding a protest outside the United Nations calling for assistance to be flown to their countries out of fear of xenophobic attacks.

They described how they fear for their lives in the country where about ten people were reported dead in September.

Many others saw their businesses destroyed in a wave of attack that caused a rift between South Africa and other African countries.

In their defense, the police said they were acting on a court order issued to them to disperse the crowd.

Nigeria was the worst-hit country as thousands of them fled the country immediately they were offered free transport.

Many others were expected in Nigeria in a series of evacuation exercise conducted by their government.

A special envoy from South Africa visited Nigerian President Buhari to offer their deepest apology over the attacks.


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