Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Rigathi Gachagua promises to build a house for people to roast meat

Rigathi Gachagua has hit the headlines again after saying he will build a house for people to stay and chat as they sip their favourite drinks if Kenya Kwanza clinches the top seat in August.

Speaking in Kieni, the Kenya Kwanza presidential running mate stated that he will unfroze his money that the government locked two years ago. “This government froze my money…when we take over, the money will

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be unfrozen,” the current Mathira Legislator said. Gachagua further added that some of the money will be used to build infrastructure at his home for women to engage with his wife.

“I will put up a good house and a small house ya wazee ya kuchomea nyama as the take their favorite drinks as we chat – sawa?

Then for women I will put up a place where they can be visiting my wife to take uji as they sing and praise. And because women love dancing, I will install a kinanda for dancing,” said Gachagua who was seeking votes in Mathira.

The former Molo district officer saw his money frozen by the Assets and Recovery Agency in 2020 after the government questioned the source of 12.5 billion shillings that passed through his bank accounts.

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Aadoo Ozzo
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