Monday, May 16, 2022

Roger Stone: Trump’s former adviser found guilty

Roger Stone, an ally and adviser to President Donald Trump has been found guilty of seven charges including tempering of witness, lying to Congress and obstruction of justice.

Investigations into Stone began following the Mueller report that involved Russia’s involvement in the 2016 elections.

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67-year old Stone arrived at the U.S District Court in Washington alongside his wife and the two looked calm before the trial began.

He is among three former Trump’s aides who have been questioned over similar allegations but his case went into a trial.

In 2016, Stone is accused of lying to Congress on knowing about damaging materials against Hillary Clinton.

It was the Mueller report that revealed he was aware of Wikileaks documents and founder Julian Assange.

His tactics have landed him several titles including a dirty trickster.

The news comes at a time when President Donald Trump is facing impeachment over his pressure on Ukraine to investigate Democrat Joe Biden.

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Berryl Achieng
Berryl Achieng
Kenyan news interests me a lot but I also keep tabs on other news making headlines in Africa and around the world.

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