Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Roots party Presidential candidate Prof. Wajackoyah endorses Raila

Roots party Presidential candidate Prof. George Wajackoyah has endorsed Azimio Presidential candidate, Hon. Raila Odinga.

Speaking from a popular joint, Wajackoyah noted the struggles the former Prime Minister has endured while in prison as the reason why he sheds tears each and every day.

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“Because of that man, the man whose tears come out every day because of what happened to him in jail, including myself. I am here to join liberators and the person I look at, the person who makes me stand here is none other than Raila Odinga.” Said Wajackoyah.

The statement has caught many Kenyans by surprise and caused a political imbalance on social media begging them to understand the motive behind the statement.

Wajackoyah has for some time been referred to as a project who is financed to ensure that some votes in some of the candidates shift to his favour.

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