Royal Media issues a statement in support of Jacque Maribe

Royal Media Service through there managing director has for the first time talked about the ongoing Jacque Maribe case and supports her bail application.

Through a statement Mr. Wachria Waruru said that Jacque still is there employee and are confident that the presenter will adhere to the bail condition if released.

Jacque Maribe has also been recommended for her outstanding work in the media house rising to become a senior anchor with the station.

Mr. Waruru highlighted at some of the national and international duties Maribe had been assigned to and accomplished successfully.

On Wednesday both Maribe and her fiancé Joseph Irungu pleaded not guilty to the murder of Monica Kimani.

The two through their lawyers Katwa Kigen and Cliff Ombeta applied for bail that is yet to be decided come October 30th.

The prosecution side through lawyer Catherine Mwaniki told the court not to allow any bail applications as Maribe would intimidate the witness through her position.

She further stated that Maribe’s presence as a TV anchor will intimidate the witness even as she airs the news.

Mwaniki however defended her statement saying that she does imply that Maribe should not loose her job due to the statement she made.

The Judge was quick to confirm whether the statement would have such an implication to the accused.

In addition to intimidating the clients, the prosecution feels that the accused’s statement was not true as she amended it before and after appearing in court.

The same thing applies to Joseph Irungu who is sad to have amended his statement.

Last week Jacque Maribe through her lawyer said that she sees no reason as to why she should be released on bail.

She cited that she is well known as to where she works and that some know her favorite joints where she hangs.

The court is to make a decision on the bail application on October 30th.

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