Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Russia declares temporary cease-fire to allow civilian evacuation

Russia has on Saturday declared a temporary cease-fire to allow civilian evacuation through humanitarian corridors in Mariupol, the Ukraine port city.

The news was confirmed by Russia Minister of Defense who noted that the cease-fire will not only cover Mariupol but also the small city of Volnovakha.

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“In Mariupol and Volnovakha, humanitarian evacuation corridors are being prepared for opening, columns are being formed from those who are subject to evacuation. The parties temporarily ceased fire in the area of ​​the corridors” Said Russia Defense Minister

The news comes at a time when both Ukraine and Russia held a second series of meeting with both sides reaching an agreement even though no progress has been made as attacks continue being reported.

As at Friday, Russia had taken over Ukraine’s nuclear plant with explosion happening near the plant causing panic over the consequences the fires could cause to the country.

Over one million people are reported to have migrated to neighbouring countries with many others expected to arrive soon. About 331 people have died following the attacks with other hiding in the basement.

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