Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Russia to expel 10 US diplomats in retaliatory response

Russia has responded to President Joe Biden sanctions by planning to expel 10 US diplomats as revealed major US news outlets.

Speaking on the latest developments was Sergey Lavrov who confirmed that they will add eight other US diplomats in the list as well as stop non-government organizations from the US from interfering with elections.

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Lavrov continued by calling on some of the diplomats to lead the way and leave promising to impose more painful measures including putting restrictions in businesses managed by Americans.

President Joe Biden was the first to expel diplomats from Russia as he targeted many Russia managed companies as well as curb their ability to borrow loans. He also promised other aggressive measures if Russia does not stop interfering with US diplomacy.

Russia has been blamed by intelligence agencies in the US in meddling in the last elections by running campaigns and backing former President Donald Trumph. A group of hackers is also reported to have stole vital information from the Treasury department, Commerce department and Information department.

They however denied the allegations including those of cyber attacks, human rights activities as well as arrest American soldiers in Afghanistan.

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