Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Russian nurse seriously burnt by a sterilized mask

A nurse in Russia is nursing serious burn wounds cause a mask sterilized by bleach during her day to day activities.

Olga Ovinnikova works as a nurse in Karabanovo said that they have been experiencing shortage of PPE in the fight against coronavirus.

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In order to meet the demand, protective gears are disinfected using bleach before the health workers can reuse them in their daily duties.

Speaking following the incident, Olga Ovinnikova revealed that the masks are being sterilized by chlorine based solutions.

On this particular day she wore her protective gears as usual but noticed something was not the same.

She felt a burning sensation on her skin but was hesitant to remove it as she was in the middle of her work.

When she finally did she saw the visible burn wounds on her face and efforts to report to her superiors were turned down and ordered to go home.

The following day her condition became worse and was diagnosed with secondary burn wounds that required attention.

Her family quickly rushed her to the hospital where she was treated at the facility’s burn center.

Health officials are under investigation for using the contaminated gears which are being requested to be disposed.

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