Friday, April 10, 2020
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Russian plane hits a flock of birds before crash landing

Ural Airline a Russian passenger plane made an emergency landing in a maize plantation after hitting several flying birds during takeoff.

The Russian plane was severely injured with its engine coming off following the impacts of several birds in them.

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Several passengers are reported to have been injured during the incident that has been termed as a miracle in the aviation industry.

Describing the ordeal, those on board said the plane started shaking after takeoff before the lights started to flicker.

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Soon after that, they could smell of burning meat before an emergency landing was made at the maize plantation.

Upon landing they began running for their dear lives.

Passengers of the Russian plane after crash landing
Passengers coming out of the Russian plane

The plane is said to have had a total of 233 passengers of whom were attended to after the incident receiving proper medical attention.

Ural Airline management said that passengers wishing to continue with their journey will be switched to an alternative plane once they have received medical attention.

At the moment the plane has been declared total damage.

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